Service housing delivers quality and full services for expats, exchange students and businesspeople in Ghent


Personal business flats

(under contruction -- Rentals for business flats starting in march 2011)

FAX: +3256225930
GSM: +32498879351
MAIL: olivier@olin.be
WEBSITE: http://www.olin.be

Central Office:

Zwijnaardsesteenweg 532
9000 GENT



Antwerpsesteenweg 7

At the antwerpsesteenweg nr 7, we have 9 service rooms available with breakfast, cleaning and laundry with starting prices at 980 eur / month -- all services included

Schaverdijnstraat nr 4

At the Schaverdijnstraat, we have 4 luxury business flats available at starting prices from 1250 eur / month

About Service Housing

Service housing is a brand new concept that provides services for international business people and erasmus students.

In 2010 Olin bvba grew larger and took over 2 intresting buildings in Ghent. Now Olin is representing these 2 builings with full service, very easy for people who want to be spared of administration, furniture placement and sophisticated procedures for mid-term stays.

The tought is: all inclusive rentals at prices that are much lower than hotel costs.

Olivier Demeulemeester is the CEO of Olin and welcomes you with all your comfort needs for your mid-term business or studying activities in Ghent.

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New suggestions?

Please note that any suggestions for this website or the provided services are always welcome. Please contact Olivier if you have any propositions or further questions regarding our services.

Since the services are internationally oriented, our website is only available in English.